Introducing FB70-2WD - new driven 7 ton trailer



Introducing FB70-2WD - new driven 7 ton trailer


FTG Källefall is now introducing the FB70 trailer in a driven version to add to the family of driven FTG Källefall trailers, including the FB90-2WD, FB100-2WD and FB120D-2WD. Designed to tackle the toughest terrains, the new FB70 2WD version combines our signature easy-climb bogie with the unbeatable power of Black Bruin hub motors on the rear wheels.

Variations in both the terrain and manoeuvrability make working in the forest a real challenge. All FTG Källefall forestry trailers offer high ground clearance to make getting around easier. We also offer both powered and non-powered trailers. In lighter terrain, a non-powered trailer is just fine. In hilly, wet terrain, on the other hand, a powered trailer helps reduce both the load on the tractor and the risk of getting stuck.

Black Bruin B240 On-Demand Wheel Motors are designed to generate tractive power on tractor-driven trailers and working equipment. When the machinery is driven on-road, the motors can be freewheeled securely, since the freewheeling is done without active hydraulics. Freewheeling is also engaged automatically at any mode if trailer is pulled too fast (wrong tractor gear selection). Control device lets you drive in any direction with “push button once“ or “drive as long you keep it pressed“ modes, depending on your choice.

Hub drive also enables you to use chains or tracks in particularly demanding terrain. The drive is easily engaged and disengaged via an electrically controlled valve that is operated by switches in the tractor. With the drive disengaged, the trailer can move freely.

The FB70 trailer comes fully loaded with everything you need for a seamless forestry experience. From its robust central beam frame to hydraulic drawbar steering, solid crane base and telescopic support legs, every detail is crafted for durability and performance.

With the added flexibility to use chains or tracks, our hub drive system ensures smooth operation in the toughest conditions. Plus, simple electrically controlled engagement puts you in control of your trailer's movements.

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