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The forest trailer FB70-2WD has the same standard specifications as a model FB70, but it is equipped with an auxiliary wheel drive system (2WD). Driven axle system consists of 2 Black Bruin hub-motors, hydraulic & electronic control units.

Black Bruin puts its high torque just where it’s needed – under the load, while more traction power is generated just when it is needed with a simple push of a button thanks to innovative electronic control and protection system.

2WD system provides significant help hauling timber on soft terrain, passing obstacles such as tree stumps, climbing slopes, etc.

FB70-2WD has a central beam frame, straight drawbar with rotating towing eye Ø50 mm, hydraulic steering drawbar, solid crane base, hydraulic telescopic support legs, sling loops for tension belt, 2 movable bunks with 4 stakes and 11.5/80-15.3 wheels.

Standard loading crane FB51 is equipped with slew motor with 2 slewing cylinders, 3 tons rotator, connection of hydraulic hoses to rotator, rotator link without pending brake and grapple FB160.

Other cranes with longer reach are also available for installation to the trailer.

  • “Easy-climbing” bogies to overcome obstacles
  • Steering drawbar comes as a standard
  • Trailer combination with cranes of a reach up to 6.3 m



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Trailer FB70-2WD is one of our intermediate size workhorses which have a loading capacity up to 7 ton, loading area is 1,9m2. It is suitable for the transportation of firewood, pulpwood, and other timber logs. Material as brushwood, branches, and any other similar lightweight material can be transported with the help of optional insert plates ordered along with the trailer or supplied later when needed.

The bogies can be equipped with wheels of size as big as 400/60x15.5 - road or traction profile. This wheel selection can be helpful for wet forest conditions.

FB70-2WD is equipped with 2 Black Bruin B240 hydraulic hub motors on the rear axle for optimum traction. The freewheeling mode features no heating or energy loss problems. Hydraulic or pneumatic brakes on the front axle are available on demand.

System consists of 2 hub-motors, hydraulic & electronic control units. It can be powered by tractor’s hydraulic system or trailer’s independent hydraulic system. Maximum efficiency (both speed and traction power) is achieved at 300 bar pressure, therefore only trailers equipped with independent hydraulic system offer max. performance characteristics.

When advanced traction is not required, hub-motors are triggered to freewheeling mode - drive at high speed (up to 40km/h) fluently without any hydraulic losses and benefit from fuel savings! Motors have extra protection seals against extreme off-road conditions, such as water, dust, and dirt.

Electronic control unit (ECU) ensures effective wheel drive system control and protection – it allows to trigger drive direction and automatically turn-off wheel drive (hub motors) if trailer would be towed too fast due to incorrect gearshift engaged – i.e. there will be insufficient oil flow generated by tractor’s or on-board pump with respect to engines’ RPM for hub motors to run a trailer at some particular speed. This way ECU protects hub-motors from being damaged.

Loading length of the trailer is 3,7m however it can be extended to 4,0m while mounting a frame extension on to the center beam. Frame extension is secured to the beam with bolts. To secure a load on the trailer the frame has welded on sling loops/anchor points for the tensioning belt.

Standard trailer delivered with 2 movable bunks and 4 stakes in total. Bunks with stakes are used to stack in and hold logs on the trailer. Depending on the log lengths bunks can be moved along the central beam to suit the necessary length. Additional bunks with stakes can be installed if needed for shorter timber logs.

The trailer features original crane base & gate design as well as "easy-climbing" bogie construction with the ability to adjust the longitudinal position for optimal balance. Bogie swing axle's construction ensures high durability & long service-free operation, while telescopic supports ensure reliable stability during operation.

To suit every users’ specific needs FB70-2WD trailers have a broad range of options and accessories listed at the accessories tab.

Cranes for trailer FB70-2WD:

Crane FB51

Crane FB53T

Crane FB63T

Crane FB63TS

Crane P52

Crane P57

Crane P67T

Crane M65T



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Max. permitted total weight *, kg


Load capacity, kg


Weight (with standard equipment), kg


Load area, m2


Load length, m


Central beam frame, mm


* depending on the brake system






Drawbar steering

1 cylinder

Rotating towing eye

Ø50 mm

Hydraulic support legs

A type (telescopic)

Sling loops for tension belt


Bunks / Stakes

2 / 4


11.5/80-15.3 10PR AW


FB70 FB51 11.5/80-15.3 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 1920 1940 1880 630 710 2705 1160 1350
FB70 FB53T 11.5/80-15.3 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 1920 1890 1880 630 710 2660 1160 1350
FB70 FB63T 11.5/80-15.3 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 1920 1890 1880 630 710 2700 1160 1350
FB70 FB51 400/60-15.5 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 2035 1970 1880 640 720 2735 1160 1370
FB70 FB53T 400/60-15.5 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 2035 1920 1880 640 720 2690 1160 1370
FB70 FB63T 400/60-15.5 5510-5810* 3700-4000* 2035 1920 1880 640 720 2730 1160 1370

* with frame extension

FB_Forest trailer FB70 with crane.jpg



13.0/55-16 14PR AW

400/60-15.5 14PR AW

400/60-15.5 14PR Flotation


Independent hydraulic system:

Pump with quick coupling for PTO connection (female)

Pump with shaft for installation on the drawbar (male)



Hydraulic brakes (2 wheels)  

Hydraulic brakes (4 wheels)

Pneumatic brakes (2 wheels)

Pneumatic brakes (4 wheels)



Additional bunk with 2 stakes

Additional bunk with 2 stakes (easy-fit version)

Foldable LED lights with plate number lights

Rear support bunk incl. integrated LED lights

Frame extension till 4.0 m incl. 2 stakes, integrated LED lights

Stake holder for 1 m wood transportation

Toolboxes with/without cover

Parking leg

Operator's platform

Lock valves for telescopic support legs

Protective shoe-plate for telescopic support legs

Drawbar upwards (instead of straight drawbar)

Fixed towing eye Ø 40 mm with flange fixing

Fuel tank holder with tank

Center beam frame protection

Wheel chocks incl. holder

Winch 1810 KPL mounted on the trailer gate

Insert plates for brushwood transportation


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