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April 2024



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Introducing FB70-2WD - new driven 7 ton trailer

FTG Källefall is now introducing the FB70 trailer in a driven version to add to the family of driven FTG Källefall trailers, including the FB90-2WD, FB100-2WD and FB120D-2WD. Designed to tackle the toughest terrains, the new FB70 2WD version combines our signature easy-climb bogie with the unbeatable power of Black Bruin hub motors on the rear wheels.

Variations in both the terrain and manoeuvrability make working in the forest a real challenge. All FTG Källefall forestry trailers offer high gr…

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FORST Live 2024

Welcome to Forst Live, the leading demo show for forestry technology, renewable energy and hunting in Germany. In 2023, more than 340 exhibitors and 33,411 visitors from Germany and abroad came to the 46,000 m² outdoor area of Messe Offenburg, 

In forestry and forestry technology you will find everything from forest renewal and forest maintenance, to forest protection, timber harvesting and logging, log storage, forest road construction, transport vehicles, timber processing and lots more.


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AGRA 2024

We are pleased to announce the next exhibition where you can see our products up close.

With over 700 exhibitors and more than 50,000 expected visitors, AGRA is one of the largest regional agricultural trade fairs in Germany with the latest agricultural and forestry technology.

The exhibition will take place from April 11th to 14th in Leipzig, Germany.

We warmly invite you to visit our dealer Arneuba Landtechnik & Fahrzeug GmbH stand FG1 B60 and learn more about our skidders and cranes, w…

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New trailer-crane combinations

FTG’s development department has prepared another trailer combination that should be of interest to customers looking for a more powerful crane for their trailers.

The FB70 trailer is now available with a FB63TS crane that lifts 600kg with a maximum reach of 6.3m.

The recently introduced new crane FB73T is available with trailers FB90D, FB100, FB120D.
It is now possible to equip an FB90D forest trailer not only with telescopic, but also with a 3-point frame with flap-down …

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Open days at DFAE Le Mottier

DFAE is having open days 3-5 of April at its facilities in Le Mottier. They will have their new Källefall trailers and cranes on display and it's the perfect time to discover new forestry innovations, or find the right equipment for your needs and budget to optimize your operations.

For more information or questions contact us 04 75 68 63 33

You'll find more info about DFAE on their web site https://dfae.fr/

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February 2024



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New Team Member

We would like to introduce Dominik Miskialovič and welcome him as the Spare Parts Sales expert at FTG Baltic. Dominik will support the sales department and will be the contact person for order processing of spare parts and accessories, from inquiry to invoice and transport.

Dominik has been with FTG Baltic since 2021 and has spent more than two years in the workshop building trailers and cranes. That has given him great knowledge about the assembly process and now knows the products and parts…

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December 2023



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One more dealer in France

We are happy to announce that we have started cooperation with one more dealer in France, Distribution Forest Agri Equipment, DFAE.

They are based in Le Mottier, about half way between Grenoble and Lyon, in the southeast part of the country. DFAE has been importing and distributing forest equipment from the Nordic countries, Austria and Italy for more than a decade.

With FTG Källefall in their line of products they now add a premium Swedish brand with high-quality forest trailers and cranes de…

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November 2023



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ForTech Serwis new dealer for FTG Källefall in Poland

We are happy to announce that we have started cooperation with a new dealer in Poland, ForTech Serwis Maszyny dla leśnictwa, in Łódź, centrally located almost in the middle of the country, about 120 km southwest of Warsaw.

With over 20 years of experience in the forest machine industry, Fortech Serwis is a solid company with extensive knowledge of forestry. Fortech has been running sales and service of forest machines, harvesters, chippers and forest trailers for many years. They are already a …

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September 2023



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We're pleased to announce that we have developed a new powerful crane with a reach over 7 meter! It's got a lifting capacity of close to 700 kg at max reach and an impressing 1090 kg at 4 meters with a slewing torque of 16 kNm. 

FB73T is now the largest and most powerful forest crane in the FB series. Its high lifting force, optimized motion paths, and maximal reach of 7,3 meters make it an extremely agile and productive loader for any operations. Crane features a linkage system and a telescopi…

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May 2023



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New crane Mv94T

FTG Källefall introducing the Mv94T – the powerful crane for the most demanding needs.

It has 500 kg lifting capacity at a total reach of 9,4 m and 1 250 kg at 4 m.
Crane Mv94T fits with the biggest FTG Källefall trailer FB120D, and has a wide range of control and accessories options.

This new crane model has a bunch of advantages as:

  • Reach 9,4 m
  • Lifting capacity 81 kNm (Gross) 
  • Slew torque 21 kNm 
  • Newly developed telescope boom with protected hose routing
  • Better movement pattern 
  • Stron…

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