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Quality and design for modern forestry

CONTEST: What does a pleasant forest working experience mean to you?

and the winner is...

FTG Källefall have now nominated the winner in the Källefall photo competition where we were looking for images which shows what makes working in the forest a pleasant experience, as part of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of FTG Källefall.

Read more and see the full picture here

The jury has chosen Kevin Lommatzsch picture as the winner in the competition. A wonderful picture showing what makes working in the forest a really pleasant experience.


High-quality and flexible equipment for forest owners

FTG Källefall offers a wide range of forest trailers, cranes, road graders, grapples, winches, and other accessories.

In the product range, you will find forest trailers with a loading capacity counting from 3 tons for light logging and up to 12 tons for professional use with the highest standards in forestry.

The full range of forest cranes is designed for versatile work applications. Cranes reach ranges from standard 4.2m to 9.4m telescopic crane. Our cranes are made of high-quality materials with maximum strength, whereby an optimal design guarantees lower weight and long service life.

FTG Källefall trailers and cranes are ideal for transporting and loading logs and other forest material.


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