New parallel crane P67T



New parallel crane P67T


FTG Källefall introducing the P67T – the crane with a unique parallel movement.

The parallel boom design provides an easy-to-operate, fast movements crane with low energy consumption. Because of the crane construction, you can make very high lifts close to the pillar. This makes a crane very good at loading brushwood, for example. It is also possible to reach far below trailer level.

It has a 400 kg lifting capacity at a total reach of 6,7 m and 625 kg at 4 m. The crane is equipped with a slewing motor with 4 slewing cylinders, telescopic boom, 3 ton rotator, rotator link without pending brake, grapple FB160 and mechanical valve block.

P67T can be mounted on FB70, FB90 and FB90D FTG Källefall trailers and has a wide range of control and accessories options available.

Advantages of parallel crane:

  • Runs on low oil flow - 60-65% less than a conventional crane
  • Parallel crane movements are fast and efficient
  • Easy to control - the crane tip moves in a straight line
  • Possible to make high lifts close by
  • Suitable for other work tasks such as handling bags and round bales
  • Highly protected hoses inside of crane
  • The lifting cylinder keeps the same moment on the whole reach

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