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Agra 2022


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Agra 2022


New FTG Källefall products on display at Agra 2022 exhibition in Leipzig 

After a break of a couple of years, we are participating in the most important face-to-face event for the agricultural sector in East and Central Germany - Agra 2022. The exhibition will take place on April 21-24 at the Leipzig Exhibition Center. 

During the break from exhibitions, we have been working hard to create new and improve already existing products according to our client's needs and requests. Therefore we will have almost all models of FTG Källefall trailers and a number of new cranes on display at the ARNEUBA stand FG1 S73.

Important to mention that together with the efforts of the entire FTG group we expanded our cranes' propositions. Mowi cranes can boast of having unique parallel movement and are strong, fast, and easy to operate requiring a low oil flow. This results in lower fuel consumption and a better driver environment. And Moheda cranes have the bent main boom and provide a higher lifting capacity on 4 meters reach.

At the exhibition you will be able to see the following products:

  • Trailer FB40D & Crane FB53T. This is the smallest one axle forest trailer offered, with a load of 4 tonnes. Trailer combination with crane of a reach up to 5.3 m. Ideal for transportation of 1m wood. 
  • Trailer FB50 & Crane FB47L. This combination is especially relevant for foresters working in mountainous landscapes when a small trailer and a quite high crane reach are required. The 5 tons loading trailer is maneuverable and reliable. The crane adapted to it has been improved and now reaches up to 4.7 meters. So it is a great reach for a small trailer.
  • Trailer FB70 & Crane M65T. Trailer FB70 is one of our intermediate size trailers that have a loading capacity of up to 7 tons.  Crane M65T is for those who need some extra reach. It is equipped with a telescopic arm with a reach of 6.5 m. Powered by Moheda cranes, they have their cylinders on top of the main boom and are well protected.
  • Trailer FB70 & Crane P67T. Same trailer but a unique parallel movement crane. The P67T has a reach of 6.7 m. Crane performs two actions at once (retraction) and has a movement pattern that enables loads to be stacked high. Powered by Mowi cranes require a lower oil flow compared to other cranes. It has only one cylinder active for this movement​ and keeps the same momentum on hole reach​. 
  • Trailer FB90 & Crane FB63TS. This trailer has a loading capacity of 9 tons. Reinforced gate design ensures trustworthy strength and reliability, and has a large gate area. The crane has improved lifting capacity compared with standard FB63T and it can reach 6.3 meters. 
  • Trailer FB120D & Crane Mv78T. It is the biggest of our trailers and a crane with strength and range for the most demanding needs. The powerful Mv78T crane reaches 7.8 meters. It has a 21 kNm slew moment and 700 kg lifting capacity at the maximum reach.

Throughout the four days of the exhibition, a joint team of FTG Källefall and ARNEUBA will interact with visitors and answer any questions they may have.

So we are kindly inviting everyone to meet at the Agra 2022 and know how our trailers and cranes are providing our clients with a pleasant performance experience while working in the forest with our machinery.

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