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Road Grader - Big


FTG Källefall Road Grader - Big

This road grader has 3 adjustable blades and a back comb for final gravel spreading. It is intended to be drawn by a general tractor unit and can be connected directly by towing eyelet or by means of "3-point" attachments unit (included). Standard equipment includes hydraulic frame steering, hydraulic grading height and slope control and manual blade angle adjustment. Grading blades have a changeable blade plates produced from extra durable steel having 2 work edges for a simple exchange fixing them upside down after one edge will be wearied out.

Grader's design allows the back comb to be lifted up automatically when the grader is switched to regular drive mode. Grader is equipped with big size safety reflector (triangle) by default and has a column for optional lightening equipment. Optional equipment also includes hydraulic cylinders for grading blade angle adjustment


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FTG Källefall Road Grader - Big

Length, m 8   Hydraulic grading blade angle control yes
Ground clearance, m 0.45      
Grading width, m 2-2.4      
Wheels 185xR14      
Weight, kg 1200      
Hydraulic frame steering yes      
Hydraulic grading & slope angle control yes      
Safety reflector (triangle) yes    

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