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FTG Mowi P30T forestry crane


The Mowi P30T is intended for use with the Mowi 850, 1050 and 1050 WD trailers.

The P30T has a reach/lifting capacity of 6.7 m/340 kg.

A Mowi parallel crane performs two actions at once (retraction) and has a movement pattern that enables loads to be stacked high. A Mowi crane requires a lower oil flow compared to other cranes. This enables it to be operated at low engine speeds, which saves fuel and the environment and provides a more comfortable noise level in the cab. The crane has a lifting torque of 31 kNm.

As standard, it is equipped with a GR30 rotator, a G260L grapple and a multi-lever valve.


Crane P30T
Reach (m)  6.7
Lifting torque, gross (kNm) 31
Lifting capacity at max. reach (kg) 340
Slewing torque (kNm)  8.5
Slewing angle (degrees) 360
Rec. oil flow (l/min)  30–35
System pressure (bar) 170
Weight w/o grapple and rotator (kg) 620
Standard equipment  
Hydraulic valve Multi-lever
Rotator (tonnes) 3
Grapple G-260L
Optional equipment  
Work lighting, crane arm Yes
Winch (crane mounted) Yes
Radio-controlled winch Yes
Damper link Yes
Valve options  
2-lever mech. (HCD3M) Yes
2-lever lightweight assembly el. on/off Yes
PCL low-pressure servo Yes
EHC electric servo Yes
Radio control, crane Yes


Model 2 m 3 m 4 m 5 m 6 m 7 m At max. length
P25 1170 760 550 425     400/5.2 m
P30 1480 970 705 540     450/5.7 m
P30T   920 625 480 400   340/6.7 m
P40   1200 850 625     480/6.2 m
P40T   1150 800 575 450   340/7.5 m
P50   1450 1000 800     550/6.5 m
P50T   1400 950 750 550 480 410/7.8 m


TRAILER/CRANE P25 P30 P30T P40 P40T P50 P50T
850 x x x        
1050   x x x x    
1250       x x x x
1050 WD   x x x x    
1250 WD       x x x x
1250 2ND       x x x x
1450 WD           x x

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