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OEM Special Cranes

Cranes for recycling

A small and flexible crane

OEM Special Cranes

In the V3 FTG has a small and flexible crane for recycling and garbage collection. V3 is a crane with special designed short pillar for mounting on waste trucks. With single telescope the crane has a reach of 6,8 meters.

We adapt our cranes for many different purposes. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help you.

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Lyftmoment, netto / Lifting torque, net 138 kNm
Max räckvidd / Max. outreach 6800 mm
Vridvinkel / Slewing angle 36
Vridmoment, brutto / Slewing moment, gros 8,3 kNm
Arbetstryck / Operating pressure 170 bar MPa
Rekom. oljeflöde / Recom. oil flow 30 l/min
Vikt* / Weight* 500 kg

* Utan hydraulventiler, rotator och grip
* Without hydraulics, rotator and grapple


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