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The Brands of FTG

FTG Moheda Timber trailers - "Built by forest people for forest people"

With a Moheda forest trailer, you get a sturdy built trailer with a strong and stable long-range crane arm. Built in and by forest people in Bäckefors and designed for hard work - day after day. FTG timber wagons provide the best overall economy with low operating costs and a high secondary value.

FTG Mowi timber wagons "Provides the best overall economy - high second-hand value"

With a forest trailer from Mowi you get an easy-to-drive and smooth forest equipment. The Mowi trailer has a powerful parallell crane and is built for high ground clearance and low center of gravity. A Mowi becomes your best friend in the forest! FTG timber trailer provide the best overall economy with low operating costs and a high secondary value.


With an experience of more than 25 years in the forestry market today the company offers a wide range of forest trailers, cranes, road graders, grapples, winches and other accessories. Customer satisfaction and continuous product development are only a few of our core values, ensuring highest demands for professional product use in the forestry.

Range of forest trailers is counting from 2.5t to 12t as well as single beam and double beam. The complete line of trailers is intended for versatile working conditions - from the private forest, farm owners and ending up at the professional use customers. All trailers can be equipped with additional extras to fulfill your needs.

Full range of forest cranes is designed for versatile work applications. Cranes reach ranges from standard 4.2m to 9.4m telescopic crane. Our cranes are made of high-quality materials with maximum strength, whereby an optimal design guarantees lower weight and long service life.

In order to meet different requirements, FTG KÄLLEFALL offers a wide range of accessories and options for trailers and forestry cranes. A wide range of accessories includes various log grapples and buckets, radio winches, own oil supply, alternative control systems, 3-point frames in sizes for mounting various loader cranes on wheeled agricultural tractors and other accessories.

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