New products information



New products information


FTG | Källefall is constantly improving and seeking to meet every forestry lover's needs. We are happy to present our newest products below which you can already find on the website and order right away.

What's new:

  • Improved smallest trailer

  • New cranes

  • More ergonomic operator’s platform


Trailer FB40D is an improved FB30D model with increased loading capacity to 4 ton and double beam frame;

Crane FB47L has a reach of 4,7 meters 590 kg lifting capacity at the maximum reach;

Crane FB63TS is an enhanced FB63T crane that now has a 600 kg lifting capacity at the maximum reach;

Crane M65T has a reach of 6,5 meters. The lifting cylinder on top of the main boom gives the best lifting capacity in a normal working area at about 4 meters from the turntable centre;

Crane Mv78T lifting capacity at the maximum reach – 675 kg. Slew torque - 21 kNm;

Crane P67T have unique parallel movement, which keeps the same lifting moment on the whole range. Only one cylinder is active for this movement. Runs on low oil flow, 60-65% less than a conventional crane. Easy to control, the crane tip moves in a straight line;



Operator's Platform with Ladder
The improved and more ergonomic design makes the platform more comfortable to use;


By combining our Swedish heritage with constant innovation based on the needs of customers, we design forest trailers and cranes that impress by their consistently pleasant performance.
FTG Källefall forest trailers can pass through challenging terrains and are robustly built to withstand tough grips in the forest. Trailers’ capacity varies from 4 to 12 tons. Our trailers can be combined with telescopic cranes, ranging from 4,2 to 9,4 meters reach. Källefall cranes are strong, fast, and easy to operate. We also offer a wide range of timber grapples and other accessories to meet different needs.

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