New crane Mv78T



New crane Mv78T


FTG Källefall introducing the Mv78T – the powerful crane for the most demanding needs.

It has 675 kg lifting capacity at a total reach of 7,8 m and 1 400 kg at 4 m.
Crane Mv78T fits with the biggest FTG Källefall trailer FB120D, and has a wide range of control and accessories options.

This new crane model has a bunch of advantages as:

  • Reach 7,8 m
  • Lifting capacity 81 kNm (Gross) 
  • Slew torque 21 kNm 
  • Newly developed telescope boom with protected hose routing
  • Better movement pattern 
  • Strong and lightweight grapples.

The crane Mv78T is equipped with a slewing motor with 4 slewing cylinders and has a linkage system, telescopic boom, 6 ton rotator, hydraulic hose connection to the crane column and to the rotator, rotator link with pending brake, grapple FB260 and mechanical valve block.

Find more information at Mv78T product webpage or contact your local dealer

Discover the pleasure of performance!


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