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Crane FB53T is equipped with a linkage system and a telescopic arm with an internally positioned telescopic cylinder. This ensures even higher functionality and increased reach compared to cranes without a linkage system. High-quality hydraulic components and reinforced crane booms ensure efficient working time for the years ahead. Well protected and routed hydraulic hoses and steel pipes above the second boom for max. protection from accidental damages.

4 cylinder slew motor gives the slewing motion a smooth start and is especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. Strong and durable structure makes larger payloads and more efficient loading possible. Forest crane FB53T is equipped with a 3 ton rotator CR300 and grapple FB160 by default and provides a lifting torque of 27 kNm (net) at 5,3 meter reach. All our cranes come with connection of hydraulic hoses to rotator installed.

  • Diverse control systems
  • Strong and lightweight grapples
  • 3-Point attachment frame for tractor available


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FTG Källefall Crane FB53T

Many of the construction solutions used in the FB53T crane are based on heavy-duty professional cranes, which makes FTG loader an extraordinarily durable and reliable machine for forest work. The reliable design keeps productivity high and minimizes maintenance costs.

Forest cranes are normally used along with the timber trailers depending on their loading capacity and desirable crane reach. Their installation usually is directly on trailers drawbar prepared crane base.

Another possible installation of loading crane is on agriculture tractors - mounting them to 3-Point attachment and connecting to tractors 3-Point linkage system. Forest cranes are also widely used for wood chippers, splitters etc. Operation by crane is the safest and most efficient way to feed the material.

All our cranes come with a winch ready boom which makes it easy to install it at a later point when demand rises. Winch – an important tool for effective work – extends the working range and makes it easy to collect single logs.

Another fairly important fixture of the cranes' operation is grapple. Crane FB53T standardly is equipped with the grapple FB160. A sturdy construction, high-quality components, and a time-tested design solution contribute to the grapple’s long service life. The maximum grip opening width is 1010 mm with a 0.16 m2 grip area. All bolts, axle pins, cylinder hose are securely protected.

Wood cranes can be equipped with different control systems according to customers’ wishes. Standardly cranes include mechanical 2 lever/3 coord. valves however you choose an upgrade to ON/OFF, Lightweight, Electro-Hydraulic control system, or even Radio-controlled system.

Recommended oil flow to operate the crane FB53T is 25 - 35L/min.

Crane FB53T suitable for:

Trailer FB40D

Trailer FB60

Trailer FB70

3-Point attachment frame


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Reach, m


Telescopic boom


Lifting torque (gross), kNm


Lifting torque (net), kNm

27 (5.0m)

Lifting capacity at 4 m w/o grapple and rotator, kg


Lifting capacity at max. reach (net), kg


Slewing torque, kNm


Slewing angle, °


Weight (with grapple, rotator, valve block), kg


Recommended pump capacity, l/min


Working pressure, bar




Slewing cylinders, pcs


Linkage system




Rotator link

with pending brake

Connection of hydraulic hoses to rotator



FB160 (0.16 m2)

Valve block

(2-lever / 3-coord)


Crane FB53T lifting capacity chart



Protection plate for lifting cylinder

LED work light for attachment to the crane boom

LED work lights for attachment to the crane column

Chainsaw holder

Bucket B160 for grapple FB160

Round bale grapple attachment for grapple FB160

Connection of hydraulic hoses to crane column

Shut-off valve for lifting cylinder

Supply pressure manometer, for controlling the operating pressure

Winch FB800 with remote control

Winch 1410KPL with remote control

3-Point attachment frame

Independent hydraulic system (trailer version)

Independent hydraulic system (3-Point attachment frame version)

Valve block cover

Valve alternatives


For more information please contact your local dealer. 

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