Chainsaw Holder



Chainsaw Holder


FTG Forest / Källefall has developed chainsaw holder for the forestry customers, who are uses chainsaws for forest, agriculture, horticulture and public property.

Universal chainsaw holder fits nearly any chainsaw model. Saw holders are easy to mount and remove and it holds saw safely and securely while driving rough terrain.

New accessory can be mounted to any FTG Forest / Källefall forest trailer and crane. Chainsaw holder attaches through the bracket directly to the crane’s slew motor cylinders and there are 4 different position to adjust chainsaw.

It is a practical option if you want to keep your own chainsaw handy, and effectively use in the forest.

•    Universal design fits nearly all chainsaw models
•    Durable black powder coated metal bracket and solid plastic structure
•    Chainsaw adjustable in 4 different positions
•    Fitting brackets included
•    Easy to install
•    Fits all Forest Källefall crane models

Chainsaw holder is already available. For more information visit product page or contact a regional dealer.

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